About Honorable Shri Tukaramdada

Rashtrasant Tukdoji's Gramgeeta is considered as 'mother' of ideal village. It is a book on self dependent village. It shows a way to develop villages on their own by creating development programmes by villagers themselves. So Tukdoji's thought is genuine source to village development. After reading Tukdoji's Gramgeeta, my friend Aaryanayakam, in a seminar at Sewagram, admire Gramgeeta as motivator for Social Education.

The first prime minister of India said that "If you want to develop villages you go to Rashtrasant Tukdoji."

India's first Finance Minister Dr. C.D. Deshmukh said "The Government of India is undertaking various programmes for developing villages and expending a lot of money on it. This work of village reformation can be started by the social workers and villagers themselves. It is praiseworthy that such programmes are started in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra by Rashtrasant Tukdoji. His work is giving inspiration to villagers to organise, to unit and work unitedly for their villages. Such noble programmes carried on by our social workers is really an important step towards development. Such a national work will definitely help nation to prosper. Many peoples can get inspiration form Tukdoji's work. His noble work 'Gramgeeta' must reach to villages and it must be read by them. Gramgeeta is translated in regional languages as well as in English and people will get inspiration form his work. At Adyal, Atmanusandhan Tekdi. work is done by devotees. 'Work and Live' love work are basic policies adapted to follow discipline in various programmes. His work is carried on, on experimental basis. Gramgeeta is an ability in various places to bring reformation in villages. Developed and Self developed village can be viewed in future. In Chandrapur sixteen villages are adapting Tukdoji's thoughts in practice. Maharashtra Government has also published Gramgeeta on large scale and has made available to people at the lowest prices. We are very grateful to the honorable personalities who help us.

The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shri Digvijay Singh visited Adyal Tekdi and he liked the idea of Gramsabha for Gramvikas and he decided to establish Gramsabha in every village of Madhya Pradesh and he promised to published Gramgeeta's Hindi version which was translated by Sudamdada Sawarkar.

This Project Should not be Kept limited only for Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra but we can start such projects through out the country. "Mother becomes happy if her children are hardworking, industrious and self dependent". Government will certainly glad if villages developed themselves following the lows and rule of the country.

"If villagers or countrymen are themselves aware of development, no borrowed solution will be needed." Sanchalak Shri Narkhededada started raising fund for this project and Mr. V.V. Kulkarni from Amravati (M.S.) laboured to bring this idea into reality. His devotion to Rashtrasant Tukdoji made him possible to work, I have no words. Mr. Samarth, Gadhchiroli, Mr. Tiwari, Mr. Naidu, Mr. Kumaran, Chief Editor of 'Voice of Saint Tukdoji' Dr. Bal Padwad, Working Editor Mrs. V. S. Padwad help us at every stage and time. Devotee of Satya Saibaba, Shri. B. M. Wadegaonkar received Saibaba's blessings to this auspicious work. He uttered "This must been done and today it has been done with his blessings". Namdar Shivajirao Moghe donated some fund for this work. God may bless him to success in his determined path. Mrs. Alka and Abhijit Shilledar dealt with all technical side of the work. Thanks to them. Economical part was even more important. Hundreds of Tukdoji's workers come forward with every co-operation to raise fund. Dr. Mungilwar, Shri Narkhededada, Shri Tundalwar Wandered to collect funds from people. It was not possible to express thanks to them in words.

Thanks to everyone who helped directly or indirectly in this noble venture.

Tukaramdada Geetaacharya