Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi

Rashtrapita Mahatma GandhiSince long long before, I am in close contact with Shri Sant Tukdoji. His bhajans are full of a very strange and remarkable force. Day and night, his striving efforts through his services to the people and his powerful bhajans are continuously going on. I am very glad to know that he has started and established a very excellent line of succession of the common public prayer. His Canvassers are performing noble mission for creating a new set up in each and every village.

First President of India, Dr. Rajendraprasadji

I am fully well acquainted with the creative activities of Shri Sant Tukdoji Maharaj. The remarkable bhajans (Devotional songs) ofFirst President of India, Dr. Rajendraprasadji maharaj are the most excellent and noblest enactment in itself, by which greatly impressed, the common people voluntarily get engaged and involved in the service to the society. Our Bharat has never been in the dearth of the saints and holy men. but where are the saints like rendering the great service to humanity found ? I have witness that a vast mob of fifty thousand and more people were sitting silently to attend the bhajan for hours together. with due discipline people in such huge groups and mobs used to obey the word of this great saint and used to parade in a discipline line for the 'RAMADHOOONA'. In the real sense, Shri Sant has elegantly adorned the tradition of the saints of India.

First Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

India's first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Saint Tukdoji Maharaj is rendering such a noble and excellent work which even our government machinery can certainly not perform. Only because of his remarkable great example, I have started to believe that saint has can perform the most precious deeds for the nation. This great saint has done enormous work for the progress and upliftment of the nation. The social workers should go to educate themselves in the company of St. Tukdoji Maharaj, if they want make schemes for the progress and development a grand success.

Exemplary image of non-attachment to the worldly pleasures Shri. Sant Gadagebaba

When the neat fold of the society gets disturbed and distorted, the great prophets had to write scriptures to reset it. Today there is intellectual distractions spread up everywhere and particularly it is dominating the villages and the villagers. Hence there is great need of such a valuable book like the GRAM - GEETA. The true form of Bharat is found in the villagesSaint Gadagebaba, hence to make the rural area of this country prosper, Shri Sant has written this scripture. It is full of the ambrosia of his self experiences and therefore, this scripture should be held as "ANUBHAVAAMRITGRANTHA" The ancient sages like Valmiki and Bhagwaan Vyassa got the divine inspiration and blessing to write the holy books. In the Same way, Maharaj also got divine inspiration at the holy place Pandharpur to compile this scripture. While he was sitting on the banks of the river holy Chandrabhaga, his natural inclination turned to the universal form and such universally pervaded mind is really needed. Lord Krishna had tried to impose this philosophy. With this intention, Maharaj has narrated what is the duty and responsibility of the individual towards the society he lives in. He has started this narration from the sound foundation of the Dharma and had further made a deep and discerning discussion about the social and personal subjects which are useful for the life of common man. In the Hindu religion, the order of the four varnas is advocated. Maharaj has put up a discerning line of reasoning about it. In very lucid manner he has elaborated that the foundation of the varnaas must be karma of the individual. In brilliant worlds, he has put up the greatness of good canvassing. It has clearly manifested in the scripture that the efforts of man are very important, valuable and the core principle is to serve and the beings treating them to be God in that form. It will help to seek success in the house holder's life as well as the spirituality of the individual. I earnestly express my heartfelt desire that all should be showered with all happiness and peace.

Madam France Nicole (by Shyam Lohbare)

In France, Mr. Lanza Del Vasta is a social and constructive movement worker. He is a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhiji. So many times he visited India and worked with Gandhiji and also Acharya Vinoba Bhave. His French name Lanza Del Vasta is rather difficult to pronounce. Therefore Gandhiji used to say him ‘Shantidas’, which means messenger of peace. He also established a Gandhi Ideology ashram in France. He used to preach Gandhi an Philosophy there.
In the year 1953 he visited India and took part in Vinoba Bhave’s Bhudan Yadna. During this tour he came with contact of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj. He was very much impressed with Tukdoji Maharaj’s attractive personality, mass prayer and singing of his own composed Bhajan song.
After returning to his ashram in France, Shantidas sent one of his co-worker Madam France Nicole, aged about 47 years old, To India Shantidas gave her special hint to visit sewagram of Gandhiji, Pavnar ashram of Vinobaji and Gurukunj Sevashram of Tukdoji Maharaj.
So taking visa for a six months stay in India, she first visited Sewagram. She lived there for 8 days only. Then she went to Vinoba Bhave’s Pavnar ashram. There also she lived for 8 days then she came to Tukdoji’s Gurukunj Sewashram. Here she felt very fine and lived pleasantly for five and half months.
Here she was much impressed with social, religious and constructive works of Tukdoji. She learned Indian culture, Hinduism, Religious thinking, yoga lessons. Also she likes free and healthy atmosphere of this ashram. She learnt much about devotion and religion from Rashtrasant Tukdoji. She was very much satisfied with the stay in this Sevashram. One ashramaist Shree Shyam Lohbare helped her as an interpreter for translator in her discussion with Shree Tukdoji. So, After returning to France Madam France Nicole wrote a letter to Shree Shyam Lohbare, which is as below.

Letter to Shree Shyam Lohbare

My dear Lohbare,

It was the gift of heaven to have an opportunity to meet Tukdoji Maharaj, to see him living and giving life to every one around him. I shall never forget the visit to some of the typical villages with him. Nor I can forget the millions of eyes, shining with bliss, When Sant Tukdoji Maharaj was arriving at their villages.
Better than all talks with him and all those voices becoming one to love a lord, are quite fresh yet. How its good heart to see him taking care of everybody, carry him on the way of a new world. Its not possible to state in human words. But only silence with deep feelings can thanks for all the fortunate days spend with him in Gurukunj Sevashram and elsewhere.
Say my Jai Guru to the Maharaj and to all.

Your French sister
France Nicole