Ideas and Ideals of Rashtrasaint Tukdoji Maharaj

For Students :

                   Students should not have only high professional educations as it has been get disappeared in the course of time. So now the students should be versatile in respect to face the problems of the life along with the society. Man should be live for otherís welfare and not for himself. So now the students means The Man having heroism for nationís good and pride.

Students should be self-dependent; self governed self-respected and self perfect. Their feeling should be highly patriotic and kind to poor one.

 Education is the manifestation of maximum spiritual power and it should be the aim of all students as it is the ultimate destination of all persons.


For Villagers:

                   Villagers should be self dependent and should not dependent on government as they are the true owner of Government and government is the servant of the people.

Villagers should be interdependent and no outside help should be taken regarding any rural development.

They should not forget that they feed the world on the occupation of farmer. But no one think of them and whole attention is toward scientific and political development.

Therefore we should not forget our existence in the world and should never get victim to such a society.


For Young:

                   Young one should take the responsibility for protecting village from any evil act or other politicians. They have to take care for giving justice to the people and also should have young union to fight against any evil act or illegal act.

They should maintain the peace in the village. Also the work done by them should keep the moral issue before the villagers. They are the pillars of village and their deeds should make them immoral.