Thought of Rashtrasaint Tukdoji Maharaj

 Also includes thoughts of Shri Tukaramdada Gitacharya


From the worn-out traditional views the man should come out; breaking the chains of unorthodox rules. God is not the kind of thing that can be sell or purchase or change in course of time but it is the sense of realization of entire world & universe & the contains in it, to be one. For that the ambitious sight is needed.

            Saint Tukdoji Maharaj said that the worship to the man is the worship to the God. God thinks, worry, work over the world & not to the single; therefore to realize God the higher thinking of self realization should be develop. Before worshiping the God one should keep in mind that God is everywhere & there exist no dualism.

Swami Vivekanand also told that man should not bound his limit of worship mere up to the wall of the temple, but he should reach to the sense that their remains no difference in between God and his devotee.

Shri Tukaramdada Gitacharya also always reminds us that ‘all are one’ and we should keep our views always positive, as ‘unmixed good is never found in the world’. He  further advised that dedication of all for the welfare of society & nation gives the broadness of views which is consider to be the greatest mean in the way of the self perfection. So he teaches, ‘the satisfaction does not come from the outside but is lies inside you’ and one should not wander in respect to search it in temple or anywhere else.

The teachings and ambition of the life of the Saints deals with the thought that all human beings should be happy & satisfied, also should be known of the self-knowledge. Since it is the last aim of the man one has to be come eventually on the path of self-realization; no more but we all are the traveler of the same path. The cast, creed, religion and nation all are the boundary of the narrow-minded persons whose goal does not posses the spiritual thoughts. The thing we have to achieve is entirely isolated from the mind & brain; it is the cause of all cause.

             Saint Tukdoji Maharaj and all superhuman teaches us that to achieve unlimited spiritual power the unorthodox superstitious boundaries should be broken. When you bind yourself in it, you keep the limit of your improvement and destination. Virtuous notion, unselfish pure love and kind to all living things are the characteristics of the God & the person following it is supposed to be representative of the God. ‘Service to God is service to man’ and it is not mentioned in the currently scientific education which will be the highly responsible for the world’s destruction.

One should comprehend with the microscopic mind that leaving behind the virtuous and moral sense; any development may be the cause of universal destruction. Improving scientifically, politically, and economically man is leaving behind the culture based on moral views. So while developing the living beings one should take in consideration the morality as it’s fundamental issue, and then the God will always keep his attention visually in your development protecting you from inspiration to any evil act.

Subodh Dada